Ultimate Guide to Natural Makeup

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Makeup

Achieving a natural or no-makeup makeup look is universally appealing. When done right, it means your makeup seamlessly blends into your skin, focusing on using products with the right texture for your skin type rather than precision. The goal of natural makeup is to enhance your features, giving you a fresh and effortless appearance.

How to Perfect Under-Eye Concealer for a Natural Look

Begin your makeup routine with proper skincare. Apply a small amount of eye cream or moisturizer before using under-eye concealer to hydrate and plump the area. You may discover that moisturizing alone eliminates the need for concealer. However, if you do use concealer, well-hydrated skin will ensure smoother application. Keep in mind that concealer for brightening the under-eye area is different from concealer for concealing blemishes.

3 Tips for Applying Under-Eye Concealer

  1. To counteract bluish or purple under-eye shadows, opt for a peachy or yellow-toned concealer, regardless of your skin tone.
  2. For a seamless, natural look, blend under-eye concealer using your fingertips, or for more coverage, use a makeup brush or sponge.
  3. Set your under-eye concealer with a light dusting of powder, especially if you plan to wear eyeliner or mascara to prevent smudging.

Achieving a Natural Eyeshadow Look

For natural eyeshadow, warm neutral shades work well for everyone and offer versatility. Aim for textures and finishes that aren’t overly matte or shimmery. A basic natural eye look involves three shadows: light, medium, and dark neutral shades that match your skin tone. You may find all three shades in a natural eyeshadow palette.

When Applying Eyeshadows

  • Use the lightest shadow as a base all over the lid to reduce oiliness and even out the eyelid tone.
  • Apply the mid-tone shadow on the visible lid below the crease for added depth.
  • Use the darkest shadow for extra definition along the lash line or when creating a smoky eye.

5 Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

  1. Before applying, tap off any excess powder from your eyeshadow brush to prevent fallout.
  2. Step back from the mirror between each step of your eye makeup to ensure your shadow and liner placement align with your desired look.
  3. Keep cotton swabs handy for fixing small mistakes or picking up fallen shadow.
  4. If you have mature skin or fine lines around your eyes, use an eye primer to prevent creasing.
  5. Opt for eyeshadow with a subtle shimmer or satin finish for a natural look on mature skin.

Creating a Natural Eyeliner Look

Eyeliners are available in various shades, but black, navy or brown eyeliners define your eyes and complement your eye color without appearing overly trendy. Incorporating eyeliner into a natural makeup look can be challenging. To achieve the best results, choose an eyeliner that complements your eyeshadow and avoid applying it to the waterlines.

7 Tips for Applying Eyeliner

  1. Warm up an eye pencil by rubbing it over the back of your hand to ensure smooth application.
  2. For liquid eyeliner, store pens tip-side down and shake them if needed.
  3. With gel eyeliner, use a fine-point brush and avoid picking up excessive product to prevent clumps.
  4. Apply eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible by looking downward in a mirror or gently tugging your eyelid upwards.
  5. Eyeliner placement can affect your eye shape, so keep it on your eyelid for a natural definition.
  6. Cotton swabs are useful for softening harsh lines or correcting liner mistakes.
  7. For mature skin, consider a smudgy pencil or gel liner topped with dark eyeshadow for a softer, organic look.

Achieving Natural-Looking Eyelashes

If your lashes don’t naturally curl, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lift them. Black mascara typically works best for a natural lash look. The choice of mascara formula and wand shape is a matter of personal preference, with options for lengthening, volumizing, or curling.

5 Tips for Applying Mascara

  1. Keep clean spoolie brushes on hand to separate lashes immediately after applying mascara.
  2. Wipe excess mascara from the wand’s tip before application to prevent clumping.
  3. Look downward when applying mascara to get the wand close to your lash roots without smudging.
  4. After applying mascara, gently lift your lashes with a finger to set them into a curl as the mascara dries.
  5. To prevent mascara smudging on your lower lashes, apply a small amount of powder under your eyes using a flat foundation brush or a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Consider waterproof or tubing mascara if smudging remains an issue.

Achieving Natural Eyebrows

Various brow products are available to define your eyebrows. Fill in your brows with an eyeshadow or brow powder matching your brow color, using an angled brow brush and a spoolie. Brow pencils and gels are also versatile options. If using a pencil, ensure it has a fine point, and keep it sharpened. Brow gel darkens and shapes your brow hairs, while brow wax provides a stronger hold.

4 Tips for Defining and Shaping Your Brows

  1. Always work from the inner brow towards the ends, following the direction of your natural hair growth.
  2. After filling in your brows with powder or pencil, brush through them with a spoolie to blend and soften any harsh lines.
  3. If your brows appear too filled or dark, use a small amount of face powder with a spoolie to diffuse the color.
  4. Ensure that your inner brow lines up with the inner corner of your eye, and the arch is three-fourths of the way across your eye when defining the tail end.

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