Hide Dark Circles

How to Use Makeup to Hide Dark Circles

Introduction: Dark circles under the eyes can be the bane of our existence, often leaving us looking tired and less vibrant. However, the power of makeup can work wonders in concealing them. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to effectively hide dark circles with insights from professional makeup artist. Whether you’re looking to perfect your everyday look or considering a makeup artist course, these tips will help you achieve a fresh and bright-eyed appearance.

Start with Skincare

Before diving into makeup, it’s essential to prep your skin. Apply a hydrating eye cream to the under-eye area to moisturize and plump the skin. This will create a smoother canvas for makeup application.

Choose the Right Concealer

Selecting the right concealer is crucial when it comes to hiding dark circles. Opt for a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Consider a peach or salmon-toned concealer if you have blue or purple-toned dark circles, as it helps neutralize the discoloration.

Apply Concealer Correctly

Using a concealer brush or your fingertip, gently pat the concealer onto the dark circles. Avoid dragging or pulling on the delicate skin under your eyes. Start from the inner corner and work your way towards the outer corner, creating a triangular shape. This shape not only conceals dark circles but also brightens the entire under-eye area.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Blend the concealer seamlessly into your skin. You can use a makeup sponge, a brush, or your fingertip to achieve a smooth and natural finish. Ensure there are no harsh lines or visible edges.

Set with Setting Powder

To prevent the concealer from creasing or settling into fine lines, set it with a light application of setting powder. Use a translucent powder to avoid altering the concealer’s color.

Use Color Correctors Sparingly

While color correctors can be effective for extreme dark circles, they should be used sparingly. A little goes a long way. Apply the corrector before concealer and blend well to avoid an unnatural look.

Consider Brightening Techniques

To further brighten the under-eye area, you can apply a small amount of highlighter or a brightening powder to the inner corners of your eyes. This adds an extra touch of radiance.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to makeup, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and proper hydration can help reduce the appearance of dark circles over time.

Explore Professional Training

If you have a passion for makeup and aspire to become a professional makeup artist, consider enrolling in a makeup artist course. Professional training can provide you with advanced skills and industry insights to excel in the field.


Dark circles don’t have to be a constant concern, thanks to the magic of makeup. With the right techniques and products, you can effectively hide dark circles and achieve a refreshed and youthful look. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or pursuing a career as a makeup artist, mastering the art of concealing dark circles is a valuable skill that will enhance your makeup repertoire. Say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a radiant and confident appearance!


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